Monday, March 26, 2007

Nancy and painting by Florida beach

I walked 9 minutes to the frame store, to get a frame for one of my mothers paintings, that has been on my wall. I was suprised it was so expensive at $150, and will take 2 weeks! I am not sure if this expense is justified. The painting is shown here.

Nancy, and her friend Steve, has been visiting visiting their friends and family 250 miles and four hours south of me in Florida. We met half way today, at a Ruby Tuesday for lunch. I paid $26.60 for myself. Then we went to the Atlantic Ocean, near by. Tolls cost me $8.50 cash. Gas cost me a full tank at $23 with Master Card. Time traveling cost me 4.5 hours. Mileage cost me 250 miles. Meeting with my Friend for the first time in 2.25 years since NY: Priceless.

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I also Love Florida, I live right down the street from you.. well.. not exactly, but In Orlando.. Close enough, but unlike you I have grown up here and seen everything grow. I guess its nice to say that. I'm not saying that I never left, I just always came back to the Warm and Friendly people.