Sunday, March 18, 2007

Memories + Memorys

Making people laugh are one of the few gratifications I can experience with people. I like to be original in my subject line. The reason I love the Rav-4 is because it is high enough for me to comfortably get in, but only large enough for my needs, and consequently frugal. I replaced my toilet because it was too low and little. I put three bricks under each of the four legs of my sofa because it is too low. I don't like falling down backwards into my car with my knees up in the air! When I was a boy, a Hershey chocolate bar was five cents in a vending machine. A "pocket" calculator was $100. Today they are both about two dollars! The memory in a flash drive back then, would be larger than my home and cost a billion dollars! Flash drives are ridiculously cheap and awesomely wonderful! My computer is not working well. This is because it is cluttered with trash, and disorganized. For the past couple of YEARS now, I have been needing to make duplicates only of just all of the valuable things, discard everything inside of it, sweep, scrub clean and disinfect it, so it is completely empty. Then I can put the valuable things back in! I need an assistant like I had in Pat. My computers have "Marched ahead", instead of "Spring ahead". In previous years, it was not during winter. I can't watch out for cars when I bicycle. I have to trust they will see and avoid me. Many mouses are not mice. Memorys are not memories.

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