Saturday, March 24, 2007

Cutting Liabilities

I am light headed, have no more haircut costs, no grey hair, no bald spot, have a uniform look, and made use of my electric razor that I rarely use. I walked 15 minutes to Albertsons to do my weekly grocery shopping, instead of riding my car 15 minutes to Publix. I bike to work in less than 15 minutes without my car, that would take the same amount of time. I have also walked 5 minutes the other day to Firehouse Subs for a delightful submarine sandwich. It was so good, I went there an unprecedented 4 times in the past week!

Publix, my job, Target, are all 1.5 miles or 15 minutes from my patio. I purchased from Target, a back-pack for $25 and a grill for $20. I feel decadent about this, since I already have both. However, they are 8 years old, and are very worn. Functionally, they both still work. I am contemplating returning them both.

By never using my car, and shaving my scalp myself, I eliminate expenses, and increase my standard of living! I ponder whether the backpack and grill are also expenses that I should avoid. Since the non-stick stick surface on the George Forman Grill is worn off, I am often deterred from eating healthier, due to the excessive cleaning chore. My back pack was given to me for free from Intel, and is decorated with Intel trademarks. The same quality, purchased, is at least $30! It recently dawned on me, that my Intel backpack, was designed for a lap-top computer, which I do not have. I have also discovered that there are straps that can be relieved, to make it easier to take the pack off!

I walked 8 minutes to the 8-plex cinema to see Premonition. I was again, as usual, with only five other people in the thaeater. For courtesy, respect, service, attitude, and services, Albertson's always gets a D, and Publix always gets an A+. However, in my section of Lake Mary, my LM Albertsons has a larger selection, broader variety, and possibly less cost than my LM Publix. I prefer 6 green bananas with 3 yellow ones, instead of just 5 greenish yellow bananas.

My cardio office wanted me to get blood tests to find out various numbers like cholesterol and stuff. It was months since my last test. I did not bother. I was sent a letter by the office too. I did not call or get the tests done, since I don't understand the value of doing so. I feel fine, and my blood pressure medication is good for many months. There is free blood pressure checking at my Publix grocery store, that I have gone weekly to for years. The reason behind titling this posting is, that hair is a "liability", and is one that I "cut" it off.

You know when you are in Grater Orlando when most people display that they are NY Yankee fans.

I was 30 to 125 minutes late to work, 4 times in a row this past week. This resulted in 3 tardies and 1 absence. I have therefore adjusted my schedule to start one hour later starting on 4/1/07. I will be starting at 10 instead of 9. I suspect my mind and body can't be programmed for Daylight Savings Time. My favorite Supervisor of all time, is being moved to another team on 4/1/07.

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