Friday, July 20, 2007


Face Smashed Into Concrete!
Electricity Suspended!....Tatto put onto arm!
Exposed Behind Clear Glass!
Ate 4-Year Old Food!.... Last Day of Job!

b I FlYrida J
I dove into my 6' pool last week. I scraped the back of my hands to save my face. I had a power outage for two hours. I put a temporary tattoo of Homer Simpson on my arm. I started making plastic window decals. I finished eating food purchased in NY from years ago. I started a new position today. It is the same company, same desk, same PC, and same co-workers. However, we are all now doing this new job. It is much busier and more work.

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Selumbei said...

Hi Andrew

I came across your blog while searching for plastic window decals on the web. I was thinking of seeing if I could make a couple for my car but I don't know how to go about it. Do you know of any internet resources on the topic?

Bert Lancaster