Monday, July 09, 2007

What Is NT?

Neurotypical syndrome is a neurobiological disorder characterized by preoccupation with social concerns, delusions of superiority, and obsession with conformity. (click here)

Neurotypical individuals often assume that their experience of the world is either the only one, or the only correct one. NTs find it difficult to be alone. NTs are often intolerant of seemingly minor differences in others. When in groups NTs are socially and behaviorally rigid, and frequently insist upon the performance of dysfunctional, destructive, and even impossible rituals as a way of maintaining group identity. NTs find it difficult to communicate directly, and have a much higher incidence of lying as compared to persons on the autistic spectrum.

NT is believed to be genetic in origin. Autopsies have shown the brain of the neurotypical is typically smaller than that of an autistic individual and may have overdeveloped areas related to social behavior.

Could I be NT? Take the Online NT Screening Test. You have to figure out your test manualy, yourself. The "Calculate Score" button link does not work.
This is a list of the answers I gave to the questions. First, is the number of the question. Second, is the number of the multiple choice answer that I chose for myself. 1) 4, 2) 4, 3) 2, 4) 1, 5) 4, 6) 4, 7) 3, 8) 4, 9) 4, 10) not 2

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