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Aspects of Aspergers & Sex

Why coworkers? Many people with Asperger Syndrome obsess on some things to the Nth degree. Many of them work in their field of obsession, or become obsessed in their work, leaving them less time for a social life outside work. People with Asperger Syndrome may also lack the inclination or ability to make friends outside work, with the exception perhaps of dedicated communities such as the Linux community. They are likely to find coworkers with similar personalities, and if they are interested in their work too, then they share a common interest there.

Why asexual? For some people with Asperger Syndrome, getting a significant other is not worth it, not possible, or a combination of the two. Even when people put sexual relationships on the backburner, it does not mean they do not have sexual needs, just that they are not being met: presumably Einstein needed to eat, but he paid so little attention to it that his wives/caregivers had to remind him to eat.

Why prostitutes? It is easy to say that as they cannot "get laid" easily without paying, people with Asperger Syndrome may have to resort to a "business transaction", but this is not the full story. Not being too concerned about social norms is another point. People with Asperger Syndrome may also feel an affinity with prostitutes and other outsiders as they are outsiders themselves and would not obey the social norms, which would otherwise discourage treating them with respect.

People With Asperger Syndrome And Their Sex Lives

Albert Einstein
contributed to quantum mechanics, discovered the theory of relativity (possibly with unacknowledged help from his first wife) and spent his final years searching for a grand unified theory. He spoke out against Nazi Germany, encouraged the formation of the Manhattan Project, and was offered presidency of Israel.
Symptoms: He was physically clumsy and was slow in learning to speak. He faced bullying, often motivated by anti-Semitism.

Sexual history: Einstein's first marriage was to Mileva Maric, a fellow student. His second marriage was to his cousin Elsa Lowenthal. He cheated on both wives and had escorts during his second marriage. After the death of his second wife, Elsa's daughter and his secretary cared for him.

Bill Gates is a multi billionaire and co-founder of Microsoft, currently under investigation for the methods he took on his path to becoming a very high functioning autistic.

Symptoms: Time Magazine noted similarities between the New Yorker's article on autism "An Anthropologist on Mars" and an article in the following edition called "E-mail from Bill". Those with an anti-Gates agenda and people interested in autism have promoted the idea.

Sexual history: He wrote a class scheduling program rigged so that he would be the only male in one of his classes. It is widely believed that Bill Gates was into prostitutes before his marriage to Microsoft employee Melinda French.

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