Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Free Luggage

2 large suitcases for free! They are matching brown vinyl and blue fabric, with four hard frame sides each. The handles are very comfortable. Both of them have working zippers, and are fully functional. One still has the inner pockets. Purchased in Sears. I have too much luggage, do not travel, and prefer to have space in my closets. The dimensions are 24"x29"x9.25" and 21"x26.25"x9.25". They want to travel. (free) &rew. Click on this picture on the left, and all pictures, for an enlargement! Also, please remember and click on the title of this posting ("Free Luggage") and the titles of all of my postings. This posting's title will search all of the Furniture listings I have in Craigslist.org. I also have postings in the Electronics and Free catagories. Search for "&rew" on Craigslist. To see all that I have sold on Craigslist, and the amounts that I sold them for, please click here. I frequently update older postings using red font like this. What is your reaction to this posting? The suitcases were brought to the Good Will store on 7/8/9.

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