Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Good As You = G.A.Y.

A natural part of every being is sexuality. Each has a personal percentage of sexual desire. Sexual orientation is just as variable. Neither propensity within the scale of Homosexuality or Heterosexuality, or somewhere in the middle is neither bad or good. Everyone is as Good As You. You are Good As You. I am as good as you. We are all G.A.Y. Let us all accept everyone as individuals, be tolerant in variances, and be gay.

Sexual-diversity is not a choice. In a way the "Religious-Right" would have you believe that they are "pro-choice". I disagree with that view of "choice". I also disagree with the view of "right to life". Everyone is an individual, and has a right to choice. A parasite does not have the same rights as an individual. I also disagree with the view that an individual should loose one's individual "right to life", and be put to death. This is despite one's violation of an other's right to to have chosen life. The "religious right" are fundamentally wrong.

Neuro-diversity is not a choice. As an Aspie, I feel more comfortable in a closet, than to be with many people. I frequently come out of my closet with little sex drive. Although Aspie's can make poor parents, and I am grateful not to have children, I predominantly prefer women, and am also heterosexual. Aspie does not mean asexual. There is no cure for Autism just as there is no cure for "homosexuality".

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My &rew view AND sight are empowered by the Aspie operating system. I’m A. Lerner + have Aspergers Syndrome. It’s not like you think. Enlighten yourself to my A.LtERNativE Reasoning, interests, views + experiences. 1/15 are Autistic, + aspire to LeArn what Neuro-Typical assume understood. My processing of stimuli + interaction is "A Lerner" different. Do not be ALien. I am the A in Lerner, Good As You and straight. Please read left, click ALL pictures, underlined, + icon links.

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