Monday, June 08, 2009

My Life

Click here for My Life. Click here for your life. Thank you for visiting and reading. Click on "comments" to the left of the tiny envelope-with-arrow icon below, to reply or read replies to my postings. Updates that are unread, have words changed to the red color. If it is in red, it was not read. Please click on the links below "LINKS" in the left column for instructions, and other pages. Click on any character, letter, number, word, phrase, sentence or title that the following happens: 1) It is a different color than the normal text, which currently means orange instead of brown. 2)Your cursor turns from an arrow to a hand when placed over these (characters) 3) When placing the cursor on the (hyperlink) it becomes underlined and changes color.

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Mary Ellen said...

there seems to be a problem with the link for 'my life'.I clicked on it and got an error page. I am always checking your blog to see what you have to say!
Mary Ellen