Saturday, August 22, 2009


1) What character do I use as part of my name? a) The letter A.
b) An ampersand. c) I use a 3 instead of an E. d) I put an "&" instead of "An". e) The pound sign.

2) What is my favorite pizza topping? a) Ham b) sausage c) bacon d) Pineapple e) Peperoni

3) Which of the following do not define me? a) I am the A in LeArner. b) I can understand subtle messages in eyes & gestures. c) I use the Aspie operating system. d) ALtERNativE Reasoning. e) I found love in Florida, and by adding a "_ve" below it.

4) Which musical artist or group do I not like? a) Linkin Park b) Korn c) Pearl Jam d) Disturbed e) The Carpenters

5) How many employers have I had in my life? a) Three. b) 52 c) 13 d) 33 e) 47

6) Which of the following are true? a) I met Dick Clark, Henny Youngman, & Andy Rooney. b) My family was the original owners of Lerner Shops. c) The Playwright Alan J. Lerner was my great Uncle. d) I once earned $40K/year as a COBOL programmer. e) I was in a Star Trek Deep Space Nine episode.

7) Which statement is false? a) I oppose capital punishment. b) I am pro-choice in regards to abortion. c) Homosexuality is a normal and natural part of life d) Prostitution should be legalized e) The public sale of firearms should be banned.

8) At a party, what would I probably be doing? a) Dancing. b) Drinking beer. c) Watching the football game on the big screen TV. d) Staying in the computer room. e) Socializing with new people.

9) What is my favorite holiday? a) Christmas. b) Election Day. c) New Years Day. d) Ground Hog Day. e) Halloween.

10) My least favorite vegetable is a) Peas. b) Tomatoes. c) Potatoes. d) Broccoli. e) Asparagus.

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