Monday, August 31, 2009

Adam: &REW ReviEW

ADAMREW: Often, during a good movie, I identify with, will feel like, and or even become the main character. In Adam, I "AM" the main character. I would prefer the name be called &rew or Aspie. However, at the end of the movie, you will see the reason for this name. As an Aspie, I will review this film from my perspective, with what I share in common with the Adam character. Adam 2009 at least met my expectations. It is a well done representation, and accurate portrayal of an Aspie. It does a successful job introducing typical people to us invisibles, who are intolerantly discriminated against. People with Aspergers Syndrome, were never in a closet. Thanks to this motion picture, they will now be more visible, and treated with the same respect and consideration that others are.

Many of the ASpects and frustrations of Aspies are brought to light. AS an ASpie introduction, this presentation was well done. Many of the situations and symptoms would vary by age and individual with A.S. I identified with many of those that were represented or documented. Except for kissing, I could not be more pleased with this introduction of us "aliens", aclimating to your strange world of NTs.

Many scenes were too subtle for NT reviewers to understand. They viewed them as extraneous or uneven. Even the unexpected ending seems an attempt to help you feel the frustration that we feel. In large part, the parallel story demonstrates the phoniness, dishonesty, and infidelity of typical people. I was surprised or disappointed that Star Trek or Mr. Spock was not mentioned. However, even many of the setting parameters matched my own real life. These would be NYC, Queens, apartment rental, new partner, science, space, electronics, computer, creativity, abuse by police, death of parents, job loss, and changing states.

The loss of job represents the intolerance, insensativity and discrimination that Aspies constantly have to contend with. The electronic voice represents stubborn creative independence. Also, this demonstrates inordinate attention to detail, and the inability to see the big picture. The space suit represents how logic does not address what might be socially inappropriate. The bed/interview dialog showed self-absorption. This is without question, the most treasured movie of my life. I definitely encourage everyone to see this picture!

Aug. 31 History:
1918 Alan Jay Lerner, son of the founder of Lerner stores, is born today. 1958 &rew Lerner's mother was born in 1918. A. J. Lerner will go on to become a Broadway lyricist and collaborate with Frederick Loewe on such Broadway classics as Brigadoon, My Fair Lady, and Camelot. Together they also wrote the score for the 1958 Academy Award-winning film, "Gigi."

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