Friday, August 21, 2009

Earth from Space

For a closer look at Florida, click on the title above.
Donations to Good Will 8/15/09
George Forman grills: 2 = Champ and medium size. 11 forks from K-Mart, Rubbermaid food storage containers.
Clothing: 5 pants, 2 shorts, 3 sleep pants, 1 sleep shirt, 1 sweatshirt Chemical Bank, 2 long sleeve T-shirts, 1 XXL T-shirt Alan D, boxer, brief, swimsuit Adidas, Woman top, 2 tall long-sleeve non-collar shirts. Golf shirts: 1 tall black, 2 navy blue B,B&B with patches of Led Zeppelin and Star Trek fan club, 5 Gateway with patches of USA flag, 1 Gateway with my old logo ironed on, 2 blue The Wiz. Other shirts and socks were recycled. The TV and Mirror were sold for $35 + $10. My entire wardrobe, and kitchen appliances were replaced with brand new. All the above are very rare major events.

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