Saturday, December 05, 2009

Marriage 2.0

Notice that this posting goes over the same exact information over and over again like Groundhog day. 9) What is my favorite holiday? a) Christmas. b) Election Day. c) New Years Day. d) Ground Hog Day. e) Halloween.
Groundhog Day and Being There are two of my all-time favorite movies. I identified so much with the main characters. They are two of the best Aspie movies prior to Adam 2009. I will be getting MARried, but not in MARch, January, or in Lake MARy, but on 2/2. This is both Groundhog day, and Ellen Degeneres 1958 birthday.
Groundhog Day is an existential story of a person's journey towards personal growth. It stars favorite actors of mine. They include Bill Murray, who usually portrays personality and characters most similar to me of all celebrities. It also stars Andi MacDowell, who was born the same 1958 year as myself. The 1993 movie is a timeless, rare brilliant romantic comedy, that I don't mind watching over and over and over again. I also identified with Forest Gump and Rainman. Notice that this posting goes over he same exact information over and over again just like Ground Hog Day.

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