Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wants your comments

wonders if he should replace his car with a 2010 crossover. He has a 1999 Ford Escort SE, automatic, Sony 10-CD changer, cassette, AM/FM/XM stereo, 4 Polk speakers, power windows, locks, alarm, AC, remote, air bags, rear defogger, 73K miles! Original owner, all records, spare stereo system! Reliable, dependable, trouble free. It is hard for him to get into and out of, the seat is way to low, and he is cramped. Escorts have a record of transmission problems at these miles. It vibrates, and is noisy during idling. It lacks acceleration, and has much road noise. Rough riding and hard handling make long drives exhausting. Recommended maintenance would be $1700. Average value for this car in this condition is $3,000. However, please notice the dents on the three panals. (see below posting or click here) If he buys now, in December, he can get 0% financing. However, paying for it in cash is not a problem. He has been unemployed since Feb 2009. With U. I. payments, he plans to attend college full time for 1.5 years. Then he plans to start his first career. Please click here.

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