Monday, December 07, 2009

Most horrible person ever

Question: "Who do you think is the biggest despot in history?" Andrew voted "George W Bush" in the Biggest despot in history Poll. 16,288 people have already cast their vote. These are the choices: - Adolf Hitler Napoleon Bonaparte Joseph Stalin George W Bush Fidel Castro Mao Tse Dong Benito Mussolini Julius Ceasar Ayathola Komeini Francisco Franco G.W.B.destroyed this country's economy and respect around the world. He perpetuated wealth for the rich, deprivation for the poor, suppression of rights, destruction to the environment, Killed thousands of people, and dishonestly pursuing his own personal agenda. He has helped set in motion the total destruction of civilization on this planet. He is a megalomaniac Despot.


John said...
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Barnaby Capel-Dunn said...

Andrew, I like your blog, but GWB worse than A. Hitler? Come on!