Friday, December 24, 2010


Aspies are hyperlexic. They are obsessed with language and words in their struggle for communication. They are more closed off from other forms of communication, and therefore dependent on a directly intellectual form. This is a somewhat synthesized or artificial representative tool of words, as opposed to facial expressions or intonation. We hold these words and letters sacred, and its communication very seriously. We do not engage in the blasphemous or careless use of language as does the Neuro-Typical (NT). In our frustration to make sense of our world we depend on literal meanings. We concentrate on the specific details at the cost of seeing the big picture. We study details to find evidence that show us the facts and truth. By doing so, we see things typical people do not notice. This is just as we do not see the subtleties in physical or verbal expressions of NTs. It is for these reasons that I submit for your approval, my logo or and symbol. I call it "ASPIE = ALtERNativE Reasoning" I use it as my Avatar to identify me. If you are an Aspie you are more likely to be able to decipher why, by using your alternative reasoning. Can you figure it out?

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