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With the growing deficit and the recession stagnating, I feel I have a duty to share my beliefs on this, the United States. As the deficit grows with the “Economic Recovery Plan” and the remnants of the “War On Terror.” The ‘Middle Class’ in the United States is slowly shrinking, and with it goes the vast majority of the governments tax revenue. Which means that no matter who is in charge or what ideas they come up with, the deficit will continue to grow, the interest alone is accounting for over $200 Billion dollars annually now.

The lack of taxable income from the nonexistent middle class will drive the vast lower class into a greater sense of poverty, while taxes on the upper class increase to compensate. Once taxes increase enough on the upper class, those who can still afford it will move out of the country to protect their money. The main issue with this comes when the upper 1% of the population that controls 90% of the nations wealth leaves the nation—keep in mind this wouldn’t be limited to CEOs, athletes, actors, and those handful of inventors that created the teat that our society now suckles at, but also many of the doctors, lawyers, engineers and the highly educated residents that hold places of prestige in our economy—This will drive the remaining U.S. population, nearly overnight, into the conditions of a third world country.

Many of the people who are left in the country will migrate en mass to Canada or Central America creating job shortages, homeless problems, and an enormous economic strain on those governments, leaving an even lower population within U.S. borders. The increasingly low number of doctors within the U.S. means that even minor diseases run rampant. Meanwhile stealing what they need to survive, the citizens that are left will overrun the cities, the military will try to control the chaos, soon realizing the cause is just and the need for survival is great. The military will join the citizens and take up arms to revolt against the government that created this situation. The ensuing chaos and anarchy will eventually lead to a Chinese takeover of U.S. soil.

This may seem a harsh exaggeration, but the ‘elected’ powers of this government have been the same bloodlines since the formation of this government, the same monarchies and dynasties our “patriots” fought so hard against, the same people who are creating the increasingly large gap between the upper class and the general population (or should I say Feudalism, the nobleman and the peasants, sound familiar?) they are the same people that raped and slaughtered the native population of this country, the same ones that enslaved Afro-Americans for nearly four hundred years. The same bloodlines that deceived and lied to the Native Americans have been lying and deceiving everyone since then.

The current economic state has been stewing for the past two generations; we have been duped into thinking that the pursuit of the American dream means a lack of general humanity! Who cares if the unemployment rate in our own country is nearing 22% (8-12% that we’re made aware of is typically only the people that are collecting unemployment) if I can save $0.001 a unit to have them manufactured in sweat shops overseas that’s ok. If I can save $3 million a year on labor, who cares if I shut down these factories and lay off thousands of people right here in my city. All it took to stop this was a “Made in USA” sticker when you went shopping, rather than the “Made in Pakistan,” or “Made in Taiwan,” or “Made in Hong Kong.”

I have to question, did we really “win” the American Revolution? Or have the British been behind the scenes the whole time teaching us the illusion of freedom? Another exaggeration I admit, but I feel my point remains clear.

People fight constantly, it’s the Democrats fault, or it’s the Republicans fault. How about the simple fact that it’s both parties faults. Why? Because the parties are really the same thing; face it, it’s the same select bloodlines that have been running this country since the beginning. The same kinds of monarchies and dynasty rulers our patriots fought so hard to break way from, have been masquerading as democratic elections. People say, it’s a democracy if you don’t like it, vote third party: two things wrong with that; there is no third party choice, the popular ‘third party’ now is the “Tea Party” but every elected official from the “Tea Party” has immediately aligned with the Republican Party after taking office. The second is that this country is not a democracy and never has been, it’s a socialist republic. We elect the people into office who the Republican and Democrats parade in front of us, we might get six or eight to choose from but they are all part of the same money, same bloodlines, that have been in power since the beginning, and it’s the same corporations and private sectors that back both parties.

There's no change, no hope, and no relief coming from this government. Our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal, unfortunately with the same regime we tried so hard to escape. The bottom line here is that the people need to realize after nearly two hundred and fifty years, mistakes have been made in the government of this country that cannot be corrected until a shift of power has occurred. We need to remove the two party system, remove the candidates that are back by capitalist corporations that have been outsourcing all of our jobs, so their CEOs can make a couple extra million, and remove the “Patriot Act” in all forms. The government has taken away our inherent right to privacy in the guise of ‘national security’ to tap the phones or in a recent case apply GPS trackers to the cars of individuals with absolutely no cause, meanwhile there’s little to no evidence pointing towards the effectiveness of this act. The government is trying to keep tabs on those individuals either of Middle Eastern decent or the ones who could create trouble for the ruling class, just like they did in the 60s and 70s when MLK, JFK, RFK, Malcolm X, and Medgar Evers were assassinated

The only way to improve the government at this point is to revolt against it.

Copyright 2010 Devlyn Blackwell

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