Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Literal detail

An Aspie' exclusively depend upon the standard literal written and verbal language to gain all understanding. An Aspie will not know what is on your mind, or how you feel, unless you you explain it exclusively with standard use of the common language. Aspie talks in a brutally honest, blunt, and direct way, which can be interpreted as rude. Aspie is an expert at detail, facts, and remaining within a narrow frame of reference. Therefore the big picture is hard to see. The reverse is true for Neurotypical people.

My new logo, with Aspie Slogan Alternative Reasoning, includes the following:
  1. The word Aspie, which is an individual with Asperger's Syndrome.
  2. A brief phrase explaining of how an Aspie compares to an NT, a typical person.
  3. My first initial and last name incorporated into the above phrase.
  4. A depiction of the Nuclear Disarmament or Peace symbol.
  5. The date that the above symbol was designed.
  6. The date that I was born.
  7. The E is upside down and backwards, representing you and our interactions.

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