Thursday, September 28, 2006

Reply to my rug ad.

The following is an email sent to me in reaction to my rug ad. It uses graphic, foul, vulger, and slang language, words, ideas, and views you might find offensive and or objectionable.

You sure are a cocky snot that is very full of yourself!!! Typical for the "Lake Mary Snob Society" trash... or even someone from the Middle East or Asia. When you post an ad trying to sell something, people will typically have questions. There is no need to make them feel like crap by asking you. Oh, that's right... those people are obviously beneath you. After all, they are wanting to buy your "throw-outs"... Hm, Hm, Hm, silly little peasants. They should feel honored "if & when" you provide a phone number and allow them the privilege to purchase your discarded items. At least if they are a "smart person" as you like to say. Also, everyone should know that you plan to delete the listing after selling it... after all, every listing on craigslist is definitely still available and sold items are always deleted. RIGHT??? I'm sure you are not going to think a whole lot of this email, but people like you need to be put in their place more often. At least be told once in a while that you are a snobby ass. So just go back to your life of telling yourself how perfect you are and how superior you are to everyone else.

By the way, that rug is not attractive at all.

Have a wonderful day !!!

My reaction to this reply follows. I found it to be suprising and amusing. I feel sorry for this sad individual. This person seems to be angry, frustrated, sheltered, paranoid, arogant, insecure, narrow-minded, short-sighted, and lonely. He is possibly unemployed and or a shut-in. He should be more proactive and responsible for his life, and learn how to better communicate.

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