Wednesday, September 06, 2006


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During the past weeks introduced me to a great restaurant in Sanford called Hops. Today I discovered Ghirardelli Chocolate. Best song of the year 2006. Black Sabbath with Ozzy Osbourne were inducted into the Roll & Roll Hall of Fame in 2006. 9/5/06 was one of the most eventful, enjoyable, and memorable days of my life. My car cost me about $500. Scroll way down, find the picture of my receipt, and tell me what is unusual.

Would you like to have your hands free for the keyboard and telephone while simultaneously alerting a roamer to help you? Would you like to get assistance without the need to raise your hand? If you have a quick question, would you rather have quicker response? The intent and design of these signs by Andrew, is to alleviate the need for you to raise your hand, and to expedite the right person to assist you quicker. Available help signs by Andrew are: "QUESTION" with "SUPER-VISOR" on the reverse side, and "DIS-PATCH" with "HELP" on the reverse side. These two sign sheets are double printed, double sided, foldable, and reversible. "QUESTION" implies a short quick answer by any roamer.

Fold here to display sign needed. Then place over ruler that you taped to your partition. Design & distributed: Andrew Lerner.

SUPER-VISOR indicates a customer request. "HELP" indicates guidance and training needed. "DISPATCH" is required for a telephone number be dialed for you by a Senior Agent. Taping a ruler to your station partition, and placing the correct folded sign over the top of the ruler, keeps both of your hands free for the keyboard and the telephone! Hands free, and using the right flag, enables everyone to work more efficiently. Uniformity of signage increases recognition and efficiency. Andrew Lerner is the sole person to address this need, and exclusively responsible for providing all of these work aids. This was done independently of management. Fold this sheet on the line above, and pace over a ruler.

Andrew Lerner is sole designer & distributor of these work aids. Fold @ line, place over ruler, or turn over.

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