Friday, September 15, 2006

TREK, The next Generation

My previous most expensive favorite, longest owned, most used bike, has been sold for $100.00. This was the bike to last the rest of my life. It cost about $450.00 around 1992. Instead of paying $140.00 to both replace the back tire, and other adjustments, I purchased a brand new technologically advanced new bike for $460.00. The improvements and ride comfort now rival my 1999 Ford Escort! Ironically, that too just cost me about $475.00 for repair and adjustments. That is twice the price of my annual automobile insurance! My new bike will be a delight to ride once the six month cool and dry season starts here in Florida! It is a Trek 7300 Multi-Track Hybrid, 20' frame, 24 gears.

TREK 720 Multi-Track 20" Hybrid ~ This is a hybrid style bike that combines the smooth roll of a road bike with the stability and upright riding position of a mountain bike. With it's long chain stays and resultant comfy ride, it's perfect for cycle touring or just hitting the bike path.

The full chrome moly frame is 40 inches center to center with the standover height at 32 inches. Shimano all around. Extra wheel, and Kriptonite lock include. Back tire needs replacement. This1992 bike has 21 gears and Shimano 200CX derailleurs. Must pick up bike in Lake Mary, Florida.

I purchased this bike for comfort. My primary concern was if I made the right decision. Should I have spent $140 on my old bike that a new seat and cushion gloves did not improve the jarring ride from a year ago? Instead I sold my old bike for $100, and purchased a new one for $460. In this way I really spent an additional $220 for greater comfort and ease of use. I look forward to driving the bike 5 times weekly for my employment commute. That will be during the cool and dry season of October through March.

Cool and dry means no rain and temperatures in the seventies and sixties. In Florida from April through September, it is raining daily, and constantly in the nineties. Instead of being inside all winter in NY, I am inside all summer in FL. Plus, I dont even have to go out and shovel snow!

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