Saturday, September 23, 2006

Stupid Questions
Rug Round 7' 10" - Saudi Arabia - $49

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Date: 2006-09-10, 10:38PM EDT
Round Tapestries area rug. (Tea Wash). Actual size = 7' 10" diameter. Standard size = 9' x 9'. Dense Olifine pile from Galaxy, made in Saudi Arabia. Color = 107 Bronze. Style = 140004. Saudi Carpet. UPC = 7 96556 67704 8. Retail = $400.00. Like new, hardly used three months. Excellet condition. Must pick up carpet in Lake Mary.
Rug 7' 9" x 5' 3" - Egypt - $49

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Date: 2006-09-10, 10:44PM EDT
Rectangle Area rug 7' 9" x 5' 3". Leaf Motif, made in Egypt, 100% polypropylene pile. UPC = 7 48679 85177 9. R N 93677. Retail = $249.00. Hardly used three months Excellet condition. Must pick up carpet in Lake Mary.

Here are questions emailed to me. I am answering them with my answer here, below. I find no need to send individual email replies to questions like these.

Question: Please provide contact info and best time to call.Thanks, A

Answer: My contact info is the email address in this ad to which you sent me this email. The best time to contact me is now. The best time to call me is if and when you get my telephone number.

Question: Do you still have it for sale?

Answer: Yes. That is why my you can read this right now. I plan to delete this when it is not for sale.
Question: What is "it"?

Good smart Emails Received:
I WANT THIS RUG! i can pick it up today between 1-3, if that's okay?

Sincerely,Smart Person.
Hello, my name is Good Buyer ans I would like to by the rug. Please call me on my cell phone at 407-987-1234 if it is still available. Thanksa a lot.
sorry i missed your call. i think we can make it out there by 1:30-1:45. call me if that is a problem, otherwise we are on the way.123-456-7890
The (rectangle) carpet was pick up and removed at 1:37 pm on Saturday 9/23/06 (5767) I was given $50 cash. This round rug is the only other rug or item I am selling.


You sure are a cocky snot that is very full of yourself!!! Typical for the "Lake Mary Snob Society" trash... or even someone from the Middle East or Asia. When you post an ad trying to sell something, people will typically have questions. There is no need to make them feel like crap by asking you. Oh, that's right... those people are obviously beneath you. After all, they are wanting to buy your "throw-outs"... Hm, Hm, Hm, silly little peasants. They should feel honored "if & when" you provide a phone number and allow them the privilege to purchase your discarded items. At least if they are a "smart person" as you like to say. Also, everyone should know that you plan to delete the listing after selling it... after all, every listing on craigslist is definitely still available and sold items are always deleted. RIGHT??? I'm sure you are not going to think a whole lot of this email, but people like you need to be put in their place more often. At least be told once in a while that you are a snobby ass. So just go back to your life of telling yourself how perfect you are and how superior you are to everyone else.

By the way, that rug is not attractive at all.

Have a wonderful day !!!

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