Tuesday, September 26, 2006

One year ago today.

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Monday 9/26/05, figuratively speaking, some thugs, part of this gang, beat me up, took my car away, left me stranded in a strange area, and robbed me of all the money I earned that day. They also deliberately kept me from needed medicine, my CPAP, and caused me to loose many valuable hours of my time and productivity. ("police officers") ("pigs") I have been frustrated getting in touch with my doctor via postal, and phone calls to his answering service and receptionist. I finally got a voice mail on Monday 9/26/05. I was running out of medication and medication. I was not experiencing any positive effects from medication. I stopped medicine because it was making me drowsy, and hard to keep my eyes open in classroom work training. That is ironic since the medicine is to help me xxxx, and xxxxxxxxx. I stopped taking the medicine 5 pills before I would run out. I did so since not keeping my eyes open whilst I drive up to 100mph on the I-4 could be hazardous. It is ironic, since I would be prevented from driving that coming evening due to the dizziness and light-headedness for the days since halting the medicine so abruptly.The voicemail from my doctor said it was ok to use my supply of medicine concurrently with my medicine, and that medicine is used to counter the lightheadedness and dizziness commonly associated with the abrupt stoppage of most xxx medicines. That is so ironic. I have many medicine pills at home. It is also ironic since the meds would have addressed the issues that the med was not. I did not switch over to the med, since I had the understanding it could not be taken concurrently with medicine! It could have totally avoided all of the buzz-head dizzy light-headed experiences!I also found out that afternoon, from the doctor's receptionist's voice mail, that new prescriptions for my medicine was waiting for me at the office in Altamonte Springs since last week. I wish I were told sooner. I kept leaving phone messages nagging them for them. I had to wait since Friday to know that, since they were unavailable over this past weekend. I used up my last pill on Sunday. This Monday, I was beginning to experience the exhausting withdrawal effects of stopping my medicines. I was eager to get home to take medicine to eliminate my mind ringing dizziness feeling. I was eager to pick up my medicine the next morning, on Tuesday, to pick me up again, and alleviate me from pending exhaustion. It is ironic that I had signed up to work two extra hours that evening, in addition to working from 10am to 6:30pm. It will be ironic that coming evening, since I would be prevented from getting my needed medications, ironically for the sake of my good health and safety.I had signed on for and paid for XM satellite radio online the past Friday, so I can have positive productive learning and entertainment experiences during my daily 76 mile commutes to work. My $350.00 satellite, receiver, and remote control systems were not responding to receive more than the Red Cross Radio Network channel. I called one telephone number that morning to refresh my signal, but to no avail. By the way, it is ironic that the SRP of all of my information and entertainment electronics in my car, now exceed the value of my car itself alone! As I was finally leaving from work on 9/26/05, and was waiting for my car to warm up, I called a different number than this morning, and called 800-XM-RADIO on my mobile phone. I put my headphones on to start my 11-minute wait, listening to “Your call is very important to us. All our representatives are currently assisting other XM Radio listeners. The next available counselor will help you in the order in which you call was received. Tune in to the XM Forties channel to re-live those wonderful years when….”I drove the few blocks to International Speedway Boulevard. It certainly is not a speedy name to say. I was making a right turn onto it. I saw a car speeding fast in the right lane. There was no other traffic. After the right turn, I realized that my car, a 1999 Ford Escort, with 60K miles, did not have the same acceleration as those cars used in the raceway across the street. So, I quickly and suddenly moved over to the shoulder, so as not to impede the car behind me, or have him hit my car, and destroy the Sony 10-CD changer, speakers, and satellite system in my trunk. I also hit the curb. Then, to my chagrin, I saw in my mirror, that the car followed me, slowed down, moved over, and stopped right behind me. Then, to my surprise and amazement, police lights started flashing on top of it. I then listened to “Hello, my name is…from XM radio, may I have your name please?” I said my name, stated that I had called 12 hours ago, that I have just been pulled over by a police officer, and that I better call some other time. She replied, “ I am sorry to hear that…”The deputy and sheriff came to my car at my right window, and asked if I was feeling ok? So as to avoid any moving violations on my otherwise clean license, I said “no. I am tired, stressed, and feeling dizzy and lightheaded. He asked if I had realized that I went through a yield and stop sign, drove up the curb, and almost hit a pedestrian on the sidewalk? I said “no. I just saw you coming behind me, so I moved out of your way. The deputy asked me for my license and registration. I gave him my license and insurance card. He gave that back to me later, referring to it as my registration. He did not even notice from my plate that my registration was long over not renewed. He waved over a State Trouper, and ultimately got the Daytona police there as well. A police officer came to left window. I believe he also said that I am in no condition to be driving. I was asked to get out of the car, and come over to the sidewalk by someone else. I followed his pen go from left to right with only my eyes moving.
With the whole street gang there, I was told that I was not in a condition to drive. I was asked for people who lived nearby or at work who could pick me and or my car up. I explained that I don’t know anyone. I was asked the phone number of my employer. I gave it to them. They called and explained the situation. I believe there was no solution there. I was told that I had two choices. I could either be taken into custody for three days under the bakers act, or go to a hospital voluntarily to get checked out. I chose the second option. I was told that my car was to be towed to someplace I could pick it up the next day. The police officer drove me to the hospital in a police car. I waited to be processed and seen. I answered that the police felt I was not in a condition to drive and that I did not have any health insurance. It is ironic that I am forced to go to a hospital days before my health insurance goes into affect that would pay for it. I mentioned that I was light headedly dizzy, explained why, and what I had to cure it. It is ironic that instead of being able to go home for a cure, I was detained in a hospital. I probably could have just walked out, and gone home, instead of possibly having to pay a bill for the visit. The doctor came by at 11:45pm, and found after a one-minute examination, that I was in fine health, and could be released. He said he could not give me any thing for my discomfort. Again, this is ironic since this is why the police thugs sent me there. It is ironic that I had to go to a hospital while I am in perfect health.As I was leaving, I asked for the nearest hotel. I went outside, and asked an ambulance driver which way Int. Speed. Blvd. Is. I had to walk in the busy street, since there were geysers along the sidewalk. This is ironic since I could be hit by a car in the street, and have to be rushed to the hospital emergency room. There was a geyser in front of my door at home once, another one nearby, and a few in the parking lot near my home. It is because the underground sprinkler system comes up in plastic pipes, they break off, and thick streams of water go several feet in the air. The one by my door created a large muddy hole. It’s ironic that they instead keep pedestrians off the sidewalk. In my area, they keep removing sidewalks altogether. If you are a pedestrian in central Florida, you have to climb over fences, down trenches, up hills, and through bushes to get anywhereIn Florida, it is a very common site that I came upon during my walk. There was a McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s all directly next to each other, and were all closed. The person inside McDonalds said to go to Wendy’s. Wendy’s only had the drive through open. Does this all seem so ironic to you so far? I proceeded to stand behind the fifth car in line. The driver in the last car called me over. He said he was the manager of Burger King, and told me that I had to be in a motorized vehicle. I voiced the absurdity and irony in that. Not that it was ironic that he was a BK manager waiting to buy food at Wendy’s mind you. I was hungry. The police made me miss my dinner since I can drive a lot better without eating anything. The driver insisted, not only to order the frosty for me, but also to refuse payment by me. Again, this is typical Floridian behavior. When the Wendy’s manager saw that I was outside, standing, and not in a motorized vehicle, he looked incredulous at my criminal activity. How dare I violate the civil rules of society? He did not even want to allow the driver to give the food to me. My kind is not welcome there.I walked over to the lobby of the Marriot Courtyard. He said that the night would cost me $129.99. It was so amazing how the price came out to be exactly one penny less than $130. What are the chances of this happening? I decided that this was more than a 72-mile round trip taxi ride to Lake Mary. I asked for the Hampton Inn, and he gave me directions. What a loyal employee! I went over to the far superior Hampton Inn. The Night Auditor there said he could do $89.99. Wow! It happened again! One penny short of $90! There was free high-speed Internet service in my room. How ironic that my hand-held power was drained, I did not have my power cord, or an adapter to use the cat-5 network cable. I had a hair drier for my baldhead, and an iron for the underwear I had on. I did not have a simple toothbrush, toothpaste, or brush. I had to sport the Albert Einstein look the next day, 9/27/05.I had two wake up calls, so as not to miss the free breakfast. However, I was exhausted and un-rested due to my amphetamine withdrawal, and lack of my CPAP. After all, I have to drive a motor vehicle that morning. I did not get out of bed until after noon. I went down to the lobby, asked for the police precinct telephone number. She said “911”. I said that I needed at least four more numbers. I ate two bananas in the lobby, and noticed that free wireless Internet was available. It is ironic that my hand held would have worked, but had no power left. So I went into the free computer room for a while. The police said that the pound had my car. I called the pound. They said that I should call the police. I called the police again, and they said they don’t have my car. I walked over to my employer’s parking lot, and found my car. It is ironic since I could have just drove home last night, and saved the $100 hotel bill. I was happy that I did not have to pay for towing and storage. How thoughtful those idiot police officers were! Now I was in much better condition to drive home! I was un-rested, hungry, hot and tired. How ironic that working overtime the previous day helped me earn enough money the entire day to pay for my unneeded hotel! That’s ok, now I could work all day on Thursday just to pay for my week’s gas expense! I finally felt totally much better after my medications. So good in fact, that it is now 11:45, I feel great, and have not slept in exactly 24 hours! That good since Karl Canty called me on the telephone at 6:23am in the morning to chat or play chess. The night before the big on 9/26/05 ordeal, I had an unusual vivid bad premonition dream, that I was forced to stay in a hotel against my will! Gee, what could that mean?
The moral of this story is this. If I acted fine, and said that I was fine, I might have been arrested or gotten a moving violation. That would make me a greater risk to insurance companies. However, since this did not happen;
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