Wednesday, August 30, 2006


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My sister left two carpets here for me to sell. She paid about for each. I also plan to sell my old bike. I purchased a new one last week for $500. I feel guilty, ashamed, wasteful, and inappreciative purchasing it. I purchased my last bike in 2002. It cost about the equivalent back then, and has been my favorite bike. I find it amazing that my original tires lasted to this year. It needs a new back tire now, and other work and maintenance, that would cost $140. Last year, I purchased a new saddle, and gloves to cushion the harsh ride. Otherwise, the bike is in excellent condition.

This new bike has the shock absorbers for the front wheel, and for the saddle! The saddle has springs! The handle bar is tilt-able as well as risible! The 27 gears have digital displays on the handle bar! I hope I can net $50 or more for my old bike. I don't have the time and energy to do so many things for myself. It is penalizing me hundreds of dollars. I started asking Patti to help me with my computer systems, gardening, and window tinting.

Besides my employment of 45+ hours per week, I have organizing and learning for it in addition, and do not have the time or energy. I wish I had someone to plan and make my meals. Grocery shopping and laundry is at least fun.

I am very glad you enjoyed the Michael Jackson picture. I do a Google search to find a picture that demonstrates the original articles I write. He was born in my year of 1958, and is also like a white woman! I enjoy watching the cute gyetcos climb my windows, and the occasional visit by a crane. I also enjoy the birds and squirrels.

George W. Bush is a nemesis. He is the worst president of our country, and one of the most dangerous people in the world since Adolph Hitler. I would have preferred Saddam Hussein to stay in power to keep his country from civil war. I knew there were no WMDs in Iraq. Now we are in Iraq forever, to prevent another person like Saddam to come into power. We should of had most of our troops in Pakistan. Bush is bankrupting our county, destroying our international relations, and now picking fights with Iran and North Korea. We will not have military capability when its really needed.

What do you find unusual about my dinner credit card receipt shown below?
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