Thursday, August 17, 2006

Quotes from a dear friend

"You are so refreshing in the things that you discover and that bring you happiness. It always makes me stop and re-think for myself how special some activities can be = like you enjoying to brush your teeth with the electric toothbrush. I had never thought about how neat it truly is, but now I do!! I guess what also delights me about you is that you don't take things for granted. You are a rare and wonderful individual and I hope you always have that spark of joy for life. I'm so glad you love your house and where you are in Florida. I think that goes so very far towards giving one great mental health which in turns can mean good physical health. Life is good to you and for you and you have sunshine most all theyear round - so this is a good thing."

What do you find unusual about my dinner credit card receipt shown below?
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