Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Dr. Fraser Vu

What do you find unusual about my dinner credit card receipt shown below? I finally found my sister's address on the Internet. Therefore her home exists in Florida. I met my first and excellent Cardiologist today! I have appointments for various tests. I may therefore need to have days off other than Thursdays! My Blood pressure is 176 over 111 right and 161 over 105 left. I now take medication for this. Strokes and heart attacks bad. Drugs good. Tartar bad. Electric tooth-brush good. I am 268 pounds. My waist size is 46. I am 6' 1" tall, and have a shoe size of 14 EEEE. XL & Tall store good.

Walgreen's and my medication insurance has been giving me a hard time for weeks over ADDing back my medication. I finally now have it, and am finally taking it again. It was prescribed by my real "regular" Dr. Kane in Altamonte Springs. His name is not spelled "Crane". Kelsey Grammer and I were born on February 21. He is not a real psychiatrist, but plays one on TV. Last Tuesday, I paid my dentist office $400 for my exam and cleaning. My dental benefits were and are exhausted for 2006. Besides the electric toothbrush I purchased in Publix last Tuesday, I also found a night light. There were miniature liquid motion lamps for sale in a tray with price stickers of $1.55. It appeared that it might be a close-out at a bargain price. At the cashier, it came up at $5.99. I disputed this price. It was investigated and found to be incorrectly priced. Because of Publix policy, I received it instead for free! This past Sunday, since Patti liked it, I gave it to her as a free gift. That was the day I enjoyed treating us to Amira's and Carrabba's!

Florida is where I can go into a professional air conditioned comfortable office wearing a T shirt, shorts, and sandals. I received my entire 2 week shirt wardrobe free of charge by working at previous employers in NY. Florida is where I find a large clean pick up truck parked inside a grocery store to sell beer and barbecue supplies for a parking lot. Florida is where the sun is so bright, it takes me a long time to find my shades, only to find I am already wearing a pair. Florida is where if you leave your keys in the ignition, windows open, and the doors open, you will find it locked, the windows closed, and the keys under the mat,when you return at the end of the day. Florida is where someone frequently calls me whenever I leave a mug in a park or opticals in a store or bank. Florida is where you find pictures of New York City in many restaurants. Florida is where I have more earnings, more space, more convenience, more opportunities for employment, better weather, Healthier living, nicer people, and at substantially lower expenses! Florida is where a real living Crane stands in front of my home. His name is "Frasier".

I fill my car with gas about every three weeks. The rent I receive from my tenant, is almost twice what I pay my Home Owners Association to live here! In one year, my property value has appreciated by more than fifty percent! I need a Toyota Rav 4 because 1) my car is too tiny for me. 2) I need more power to accommodate an additional audio amplifier. 3) I need more room to fit in a large sub-woofer. 4) I have to commute to and from work, and it is 1.5 miles away! I plan to purchase a new giant toilet. The last time I did that had the "Crane" brand name.

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