Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Telephone

Thank you for your telephone calls. I appreciate them very much. It is always possible to reach me by telephone. I have two telephone numbers. As long as I am awake and not employed, I can I answer you live. I can talk with you at the moment you want to. Several times, when I am not home, I have my cell phone with me, and I am willing and able to answer the person as soon as I am notified by music, beeps, vibration, lights, or ring tones. During these times, I frequently get calls on my home phone. I don't know about those until I get home, often at the end of the day. I do not use my call forwarding feature. When I am home, I sometimes have my cell phone off. I many times get people leaving messages on my cell phone voice mail during these times when I am home. I often do not listen to these messages until the next day when I turn on my cell phone. I do not use, or know if I have call forwarding for my mobile phone. If I do not answer my mobile phone, I am probably employed or home. If I am home, I will answer my home VoIP telephone. If I am employed, I will listen to your voice mail from my mobile service. If I do not answer my home phone, I probably will answer my mobile phone. Please listen to my recorded messages, and call my other telephone number. If you don't reach me at 516-770-3766, call me at 321-214-9855. It is cheaper to call my 516 number if you are from the NYC Long Island area. It is cheaper to call my 321 number if you are in the Orlando Florida area. Yet my callers frequently do the reverse. Some people might enjoy spending money and recording their voice. Some people who enjoy saving money , having reliable telephone communication, and are not stupid, use VoIP like Vonage. I do not know people referred to in the last two sentences. While I am writing this, I have two male NY Baby Boomers in mind. I care about them very much. Thank you very much for your telephone calls. I am not employed after 7pm, or all day on Sundays, and Thursdays starting August 17, 2006. When I am home, which is Sundays, or every day after 7pm, you can call me at my home number. That is 321-214-9855. If you are answered by my Internet voice mail, you can record a message, and or call me again at my mobile phone number. I can then answer you when you call me at that number. That number is 321-770-3766. When I am employed, which is every day except Sunday, you can call me at my mobile number. That is 516-770-3766. If I can not answer you, you can leave a voice message on my cellular voice mail service. I am employed on Saturdays. I am home on Sundays. When I am employed, it is between 8am and 7pm.

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