Monday, May 21, 2007

Rock & T shirts

My hard-drive is finally cleaned out, & my programs & files been put back in. My system now runs a little more smoothly & faster. It's a great opportunity for me to better organize my files. Now I was able to make 2 more T-shirts! One has 20 favorite Rock music group's logos. On the front of that, & the back of another, I have a new large &-rew logo. The & is in the middle like the "S" for Superman. The rew is below it, & together is the size of the "&". "&" is worth the 3 letters of "and", just as "rew" are also 3 letters.

My bike store fixed my bent back wheel for $15, and fixed my brakes for free. My bike has a lifetime warranty and for all adjustments. I was off with payment today, Monday, 5//21/07. It is 1.5 years today, that I have been employed by Convergys for the Charter Communications VoIP hybrid telephone services. My brother and S.I.L. were over last week. Nancy finally has a computer system and Internet access at home for the first time! The world will end on 12/21/2012.

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