Sunday, May 06, 2007


On March 24, 2007, I began to cut a liability. I am light headed, have no more haircut costs, no grey hair, no bald spot, have a uniform look, and made use of my electric trimmer that I rarely use. By shaving my scalp myself, I eliminate expenses, and increase my standard of living! The reason behind titling the posting that this link goes to, is, that hair is a "liability", and is one that I "cut" it off. I also shaved 5 years off my age. I often have a bald moment. Every day is a Good Hair day. I have a white board at work. I wrote "I am board" on it. Below that, reads in small letters: You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile. I renamed my office the "&" WE R & ...a Borg alternative. (We are [called the] "&"). &...means and or inclusive, just like the Borg collective. WE R &...typed in reverse is ...&...R EW. &REW = &rew, and Andrew. I am &...You will be &-ed. Resistance is not fun.

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