Friday, November 07, 2003

Canis Odorous

Odie gives new meaning to her name. She smells from every orifice and aperture, front and rear. She stinks. She is a smelly stinky dog. O.D.I.E. = Often Drops Incessant Excrement. She also has constant incessant halitosis. How can such an odious odorous entity be so cute and “odorable�? ODIE is now officially short for Odious Odorous. A better namesake for her is Odie the skunk, from “The King and Odie� show or “King Leonardo and his short subjects.� Odorable: The darling ability to emit odious odors or incessant incense. Odie’s last name is Zephron. This must mean zephyr, like in expelled air. Whiff whiff.

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