Saturday, November 22, 2003


Speculative fiction has always been my favorite genre. I believe I have not found one to be five stars until now. I have been a member of netflix for maybe one and a half years, and have finally viewed DVDs that I can award five stars to. These DVDs have TAKEN me away from bad TV, movies, and Science Fiction. This is unlike and better than them all. This series brilliantly ties together fact and speculation into the most compelling philosophical drama ever shown. It’s rare that I find such a movie that totally removes me from my reality into another that is so realistic. Taken has taken me there. This movie explores our primal emotions as well as the future of our present ones. Two titles from George Harrison come to mind: “What Is Life?� and “All Things Must Pass�. Just when I thought there was no more good series left, this came along. I am a former Treker. This drama has gone where no other has gone before.

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