Monday, November 17, 2003


I know now why I should not have been down with “Down With Love�. Cheers to it. I loved it. Here is to why. I have seen many movies on DVD the past few months. The highly rated movie “Chicago�, with Renee Zellweger, I did not enjoy. I did not know when and what would be my next highly rated movie would be. I avoid movies that are not dramas, not rated R, are musicals, have dancing, or were made or take place more than 15 years ago. I do enjoy romantic comedies, mind benders, parodies, and social comment movies. Nancy, who happens to also be the star characters name, asked me to rent this movie for us to watch. Ironically, she ended up not seeing it with me. Ironically, this movie seemed and is everything I listed that I avoid. However, it turned out to be everything listed that I adore. The movie is a brilliant satire/tribute to 1960 musical romantic comedies and 2003 values. It includes David Hyde Pierce, my favorite actor from Frazier, and Jeri Ryan, my favorite actor from Star Trek Voyager. Tony Randal was equally well cast. Rene was as spectacular as she was in Chicago. She has risen to a new star on my list. The movie claims to take place now, but in actuality took place even before N.O.W. I am not so sure N.O.W. would denounce it. I applaud it. It is no bomb. Be patient in the beginning, and during the ending credits.

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