Sunday, November 09, 2003

Oldie’s Diapers Is Expensive
Will all this help Oldie’s droppings? Depends.
What does an age-16.5 dog smell like? Depends.

10/17/03 Petco new bed: $30.93
11/04/03 Vet bill $75.00
11/9/03 Petco denim panty/diaper holder: $12.50
26 Pampers Easy ups with Grover’s picture: $9.78
Having her nose inside the bags of my purchased items for her: PRICELESS

C.E.T Oral Hygiene Gel: $12/month
DENOSYL medication for liver: $80/month
Hill's Prescription Diet Canine Cans of food: $50/month
Having someone warm, fury, and adorable for 16.5 years: PRICELESS

Oldie’s Droppings Is Excessive. The anti-inflammatory the Doctor injected into Oldie, Did Initially Enough help. However, I made my first purchase ever of diapers! I got $2 off with my Valued-Customer card! And each pull-up “training pant� has a picture of Grover on it! You would think there would be a cartoon picture of Odie on them! However, Ms. Odor needs to be Pampered. This stinks! Thank goodie I don’t have children!

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