Monday, September 14, 2009

Alien SPecIEs

Hello! My &rew view AND sight are empowered by the Aspie operating system. I’m A. Lerner + have Aspergers Syndrome. It’s not like you think. Enlighten yourself to my A.LtERNativE Reasoning, interests, views + experiences. 1/15 are Autistic, + ASPIrE to LeArn what Neuro-Typical ASsume understood. My interaction is A LeArner different. Help put A in Lerner + do not be ALien. I am not an Alien-SPecIEs. Please read left, click ALL pictures, underlined, reactions, boxes. What is your ASsessment?

Other Aspie Quotes by &rew Lerner:
"LeArner: Fitting in, and standing out." (Trying to integrate and be known)
"Aspie vindicates me on guilt charges." (now that I know I am not like you think)
"Aspies can not be assimilated". (we are born this way)
"Do not make ASsumptions, since the person might be ASpie." (he might not know any better)
"Since Aspies are not common, they do not have common sense"
"Aspies can not see what you say"
"Aspies feel after they think"
"Aspies do not know or feel, unless you tell them."
"Aspies have, but are not ruled by, emotion"
"Aspies do not know how you will feel or react"
" You are no better, but Aspies do not know any better"
" Detached from emotion" 1/5/10
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