Friday, September 25, 2009

FM audio transmitter

This C. Crane FM transmitter, for $80, was way worse than my expectations. I purchased it thinking it would be better than the tiny 2AAA batteries one that I purchased at my grocery store. That one only cost me $18. It is unquestionably way better than the FT-007, which is five times the size. The big black box does have things that the "Tune-Fee" does not have: telescopic antenna, flywheel tuning with LCD, and A.C. adapter. However it does not do the main job! The cheaper one has far better range and power! At best, this is a bad value for your car. I am amazed they pass this trashy toy as quality. It is pathetic! I plan to return it immediately, and angry that I must pay for the shipping. I am going to keep the one from the food store. Radio Schlock may even have one better than Crane. Sometimes the WWW has more overpriced trash than your local store.

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