Saturday, September 26, 2009

ALtERNativE Radio

I now listen exclusively to ALtERNativE Rock, and via ALtERNativE Radio on the WWW. I use K-Rock HD2, NY (N.Y.'s Only ALtERNativE) via Yahoo Music. I then broadcast it to every radio in my house.

For the first time in many years, an ALtERNativE TV channel has replaced CNN, Science, Nat-Geo, and History as my favorite live channel! It is HGTV in HD! Also, I like my cat, and he is named after the Colbert Report.

You listen to what kind of music? Please pick and click one of the lettered boxes that corresponds to the closest answer. A) ALtERNativE B) Rock C) Classical D) Show Tunes E) Hip Hop F) Country G) 1960's Pop H) There are no boxes for F, G, & H.
NOT: A) Funny B) Excellent C) Clever D) Informative E) Disagree

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