Sunday, September 20, 2009

Near Sights

On this date, in 1987, I graduated from college. Here I go again.
"Near Sights" is the title of my list of links to my other favorite sites. The title is in keeping with the theme and name of this web log site, called my "Sight". You can always find this to the left of this page. Please visit them now! Just click of one of the following titles.
&rew Quiz Adam (2009 movie) Interview audio. Aspie
Aspie Quiz Barack Obama &rew Lerner eBay &rew Lerner eBay My world Facebook &rew Lerner Follow my sight Geo-Cities site expiring Google search HELP & Instruction (&rules) Homestead &rew Lerner Music favorites MySpace &rew Lerner Profile Andrew Lerner Resume CV REviEW of &REW Lerner Twitter &rew Lerner Wikipedia Biography Yahoo &rew Lerner Yahoo 360 expiring
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