Thursday, September 24, 2009


I had my first pedicure today! It has only been the past couple of months, that I have learned and experienced what can be done to feet! During this time, I learned, and had my feet shaved and sanded! I never knew this can and should be done to the feet. I learned what dead skin is, and how this needs to be removed. I did not know that I need not endure foot pain. I have been amazed that my feet can look and feel so much better! A few months ago, for the first time, I had my toenail painted! It was otherwise ugly. I was surprised and delighted that people can fix your feet for money! I went into a store that said "nails" today. I had no idea of the services that are provided there, and was amazed! There are these computerized massage chairs that I sat in. My feet were put in water with jets! All sorts of procedures were done to my feet, nails, and legs. I never knew that filing my ugly nail could make it so smooth, and look so nice! My toe-nails were cut and painted. My cuticles were addressed for the first time. My toenails and feet never looked and felt so good! I never knew these services existed! I am astonished at the amount of decadent pampering people have done to themselves! I do not understand why only mostly women have all their nails painted. What is the purpose? This seems sexist and discriminatory. If you are on facebook, please click here.
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