Friday, September 18, 2009

College #4 for me!

Applying for admission to Seminole Community College.
On September 20, 1987, I earned an AAS in a CUNY, after also taking preliminary courses in a SUNY in 1979. That was in Computer Programing. I now want to learn how to become a designer of Advertising art. "Graphic Designer" appears to define my career interest. I plan to apply for a scolarship from the government stimulus due to my unemployment. My understanding is that "Graphics Technology: Digital and Interactive Media Design" at SCC is eligible for the $5000 grant. I also suspect that this is a curriculum that will fulfill my ambition. I am more interested in creative design, than I am in web site creation. I am not sure if I need another AS degree. I do not know if SCC will offer a BS in Graphic Design. I want to be sure I will take the correct training that will help me do what I really enjoy doing. I want to be sure that my training can help qualify me for lucrative employment. What I had previously learned 22 years ago, now applies to what is now primitive, obsolete, or rare, and requires experts. In addition, my knowledge and skills have atrophied. I have had 52 employers. I want this trend to end.
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