Tuesday, November 08, 2005


All of my self trained skills and experiences involving consumer electronic services and customer service, will converge into my new career opportunity, to which I am way overqualified for. All of my shopping, eating, parks, entertainment, housing, and employment needs are and or will be converging within 1.5 miles, here in Lake Mary - Orlando Florida. I can work, live, shop, eat, exercise, explore, and play in Lake Mary within 1.5 miles! Convergence is also the integration of internet, video, telephony, information, and entertainment.

I will start my employment with a five week formal classroom training course starting on Monday 11/21/05. I will be assisting clients of cable broadband services including telephony, internet, and video access in a telephone call center.

A Technical Support Representative position in the Lake Mary-Orlando location, deals with customers, solve or re-direct their technical inquiries over the phone. I will provide support on software, hardware, Internet and handheld devices. This position requires in-depth knowledge of Windows, Internet and hardware installation. Reps need to be able to pass a background check & a detailed oral technical assessment. This position requires a flexible schedule with various start times that change based on client need.

My new employer is Convergys. I plan to resign my employment at First Data, Telecheck, Daytona Beach. My tenant Michael has informed me today of his intent to move out December 1, 2005 due to an opportunity in Chicago. I'm happy for him. A significant relationship transition developed today. My car has been left overnight for a wheel alignment, due to a collision yesterday. I will be working Wednesday so as to facilitate work completion Thursday morning. My friend has recommended "Andrew On Line". All of these major significant milestone events have converged upon this day. http://andrewlerner.blogspot.com/2005/10/instructions.html
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