Monday, November 14, 2005

P Over Night

My guest room is available during December 2005. Make a reservation. P and I beat our 11 hour record by 50.5 hours as of 9am today. P helped me be very productive, and get organized back to normal after a month. P is using my old monochrome Palm Pilot. She copied eight CD's for me today! Sunday is now my day off. I took last Saturday off. Saturday will be my day off. I will be off Tuesday and Wednesday with no detriment. I was offered to and did, leave two hours early today without detriment.

I no longer use a mobile phone while I am driving. Driving a car on an on-ramp to the I-4 and answering a cell phone: $210.
Life: Priceless.

11/14/2002 Nancy Ellen Bleicher and I met via
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