Saturday, November 12, 2005


My site is now named "My Sight". It's all about my vision of how I see the world. My friend suggested renaming my archives to "hindsight". I wear my eyeshades at night. I am growing younger. Me: What do you call a deer with one eye? You: I have no idea. Me: I have no eye deer. I have been using my CPAP. My brother is a CPA. He also was a CFO. This means Chiefly Firing Oneself. FDCPA is Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and could be First Data Certified Public Accountant. FCRA is Fair Credit Reporting Act. I have been required to know these for F.D.C.

Gina has at the same time, accepted a better position very close to home, and has put in her resignation at FDC as well. Driving a car on an onramp to the I-4 and answering a cell phone: $210. Melanie is as miserable in Check Writers, as I am in Check Verifications. We also both love the opposing position. She is being forced to work in CW, and I am being forced to work in CV! On Wednesday, I left notification to my lesbian supervisor, of my intent to resign on 11/18/05. Yesterday, My lesbian department manager came to me an asked if I would like my days off to be Saturday and Sunday from now on. I said yes. At my request, she will also arrange for me to have my Tuesday and Wednesday off with no pay or penalty for this week. I took today, Saturday off, and have tomorrow Sunday off as well.