Sunday, November 06, 2005

Two Months and Behind

Two months is beyond my tolerence.
Everyone's quota=500. Many=500-800 Me=100-200
On 11/14/05. I heard and confirmed that I am exempt from meeting quota since I am trained in other areas, and not exclusively permanently in this bank check verifications department. Howerver, I don't want to wait until training by February.

38 mile commute is dangerous, risky, noisy, exhausting, time consuming, and excessively expensive.

Falling asleep during work, nightmares, obscenely unchallenging, boring, tedious, menotinous, repeditive, mundane, and lack the aptitude and eyesight. Promises broken or delayed.

I love Lake Mary. All shopping, all eating, all parks, all entertainment, all housing, all employment. It makes no sense not to work, live, shop, eat, exercise, explore, and play in Lake Mary. Commuting to Daytona Beach is ludicris.

Teletubbies = Fat, gay, and obese women working inTelecheck and First Data.
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